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Characters of HFHM (and first book they appear in)

Abella - a gargoyle from France. She has a human fetish. (book 1)

Amir - the mysterious head of the Society (book 2)

Asterion - the Labyrinth’s minotaur (book 2)

Beth - Mike’s estate agent. She is the attorney (book 1)

Cecilia - a banshee from Ireland. (book 1)

Dana - the pizza delivery girl (book 1)

Daryl - Head necromancer for the Society. Gets caught up in books (book 2)

Elizabeth - a Society witch with long braided hair. Sarah’s mother (book 1)

Jenny - a possessed doll with an attitude problem (book 1)

Kali - A centuries old voduo priestess who enjoys storms (book 2)

Lily - a succubus sent to kill Mike. (book 1)

Mandragora - a plant that likes its burgers raw (book 1)

Mike - the hero of our story (book 1)

Naia - a nymph that lives in Mike’s bathtub (book 1)

Oliver - Current name of the mirror demon (book 2)

Ratu - the naga living in the Labyrinth (book 2)

Sarah - An impatient Society witch (book 2)

Sebastien - Society warlock who makes creatures out of sand (book 2)

Sofia - guardian of the Library. She’s a cyclops who likes to cook (book 2)

Tick Tock - mysterious looking clock (book 1)

Tink - a goblin with an aptitude for fixing things (book 1)

Zel - a centaur with healing hands and some interesting potions (book 2)