Community Artist Hunt

I am looking for a new community artist for my Patreon page. Maybe you fit the bill? Please read below to see what I am looking for.


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Last time I looked for an artist, I had to dig through over a hundred submissions. Do not fill this out unless you have fully read the description of what I am looking for (here on DA). Here is a brief synopsis of my needs:

  • I want an artist I can commission on a regular basis with a great turnaround. Think 2-3 pieces (or more) per month

  • I want an artist willing to become invested in the material and read rough drafts of my chapters for ideas. Ideally, chapter images would post with the chapter

  • I want an artist who communicates with me constantly. Not in a micro-manage way, but in a “what do you think of this” and “check out this rough” kind of way

  • I want an artist who gets inspired and discusses possible projects outside of the chapter work

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